If you would like to support your chosen Christian organisation through AfCM, here is how it works:

  1. Contact AfCM (tel. no.) or your local auction house to see whether the items are suitable for sale through an auction saleroom.
  2. Choose your local auction house using our saleroom finder page (see 3 above) or call AfCM‘s advice line.
  3. Complete the form below as much as you are able.  It will be sent to AfCM so arrangements can be made to collect or deliver the items for sale.
  4. We will contact your local auction house if appropriate and get back in touch with you.
  5. After the sale, we (and sometimes the auction house as well) will let you know the result.
  6. When the funds have been received by AfCM we will send the money to your approved Christian organisation asking them to acknowledge your gift to them through AfCM.
  7. If you have donated the item(s) under Gift Aid, we will then recover the tax.

If this process does not suit your circumstances, please get in touch with us via the contact page or by phone.