For over 40 years Northwood Missionary Auctions (as we used to be called) held its own auctions in Northwood, Middlesex and, to date, we have raised over £1 million for Christian outreach. As times have moved on we no longer run our own sales but we have ensured you are still able to sell valuable items through established independent auction houses, often at reduced or zero commission. We try to ensure your chosen Christian charities gain the maximum benefit as we have negotiated zero or very low sales commission rates with the companies in our network.

If you have an item that you think could be sold at auction to raise money for missionary causes, then this is how to proceed.

Nearest Auction House

Using our list of Salesrooms, make contact directly with your chosen one to discuss the suitability of the items for sale and how to get them to the saleroom.  Any costs of carriage or delivery to the saleroom will need to be borne by you or else deducted from the proceeds by the Salesroom. AfCM is no longer able to arrange for items to be collected or sold through our offices. This now has to be carried out directly between the donor and the salesroom.

Commission and Expenses

We cannot guarantee low or zero commission rates, but if you use one of the auction salesrooms in our network these are likely to be low or zero percent. Sometimes an auction house will charge for inserting images in their catalogues and/or a small insurance premium against the possibility of loss or breakages. These will be deducted from the proceeds. If you are selling to give to a charity then the auction house may want to send the proceeds direct. Ask them how they work.

When will the sale take place

In most circumstances, the auction house will be able to tell you when the next sale is taking place and we will tell you when the proceeds will be available and they are able to remit the funds to the designated organisation or via yourself.  For more specialist sales this can be as much as several months ahead.

Giving via Gift Aid

If you wish to donate via Gift Aid please look up on the web how to do this or speak to the organisation you’re giving to.