Auctions for Christian Mission is a unique, interdenominational charity dedicated to raising funds for the spread of the Christian Gospel worldwide.  AfCM sells suitable items through established auction houses at special low or zero rates of commission and ensures that 100% of the proceeds are sent to the qualifying christian charity or mission outlet.  We have a network of salesrooms in the UK that we are immensely grateful to for their indirect contribution to our work.

We changed our name in 2022 from Northwood Missionary Auctions to Auctions for Christian Mission in order to reflect our new, wider ministry that was previously focussed on north London though, as over the past 53 years, we continue to sell on behalf of donors from all over the UK.

How we work

Let us know what you or your relatives or friends are considering selling for Christian outreach. We will advise on the suitability of items and the most appropriate way forward. One of our team will get in touch with a nearby Auction House in our network. They will deal with your gift(s) on our behalf and after the sale we will forward the sale proceeds to the qualifying Christian charity you have suggested. If appropriate, we are able to claim Gift Aid on your behalf.  We will keep in touch with you at every stage of the process.

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The Organisations we support

We encourage our supporters to specify where the proceeds from the sale of items are to go. The objectives of AfCM are to support evangelistic and humanitarian work undertaken by Christians and Christian charities both in the UK and abroad. We send money to Mission Societies, local churches, UK based Christian outreach activities, as well as to many other Christian based missions all over the world. We encourage you to nominate where the proceeds should go. In most circumstances there is no charge for our services. Our expenses are covered by a generous bequest.

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Our network of Auction Houses

To find the nearest auction house in our current network, use this link. AfCM is always looking for new Auction Houses to join our network and to participate in this charitable work. If there is not a suitable salesroom near where you (or the goods you are selling) are, then AfCM will try to find a new auction house in the vicinity to join our network. Get in touch with us if you are not close to an existing member of the network and have something to sell.

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